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Introduction to Lifestyle Planning/ Setting Financial Goals

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Lifestyle financial planning uses basic psychological ideas to help you craft a financial life that meets your goals.

What you will learn

  • Choose Your Path after High School
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Your Financial Goal Roadmap

What do you know?

Introduction to Lifestyle Planning/ Setting Financial Goals

Each of us has an opportunity to define how we would like to live our life and what types of goals we would like to accomplish. While this may change over time, it’s never too early to begin defining your life roadmap.

Defining your lifestyle and setting financial goals go hand-in-hand. That said, there are many factors to take into consideration when thinking about what you want to accomplish in your life. Some of the factors to think about relate to money and your financial life, while others relate to the interests and relationships important to incorporate into your life.

Lifestyle factors

Let’s take a look at some of the categories you may want to consider when building your lifestyle roadmap. Take time to consider what your goals and interests are in these categories and any other categories important to incorporate into your life map. Write down your goals and put an action plan in place to achieve them.

One of the key categories to explore and plan for is your financial life. Setting financial goals is critical to achieving financial success. It not only will provide you with a roadmap for living the financial lifestyle you desire, but it will also help support how you will use your financial resources in other areas of your life, like family and community.

Let’s take a deeper look at setting financial goals.