Summary of Investments

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Summary of Investments

Developing an investment plan is a key driver in achieving your future goals. The more you build your knowledge about the different types of investments, their risks, and opportunity for growth, the more likely you are to build an investment portfolio you are comfortable with.

Be sure to keep the following factors in mind before making decisions to buy investments:

  • Financial goals, time horizon and risk tolerance level.
  • Asset allocation strategy: how much will you invest in stocks, bonds, and cash?
  • Diversification: how will you diversify your investment dollars in each of your asset allocation categories to ensure you don’t have "all of your eggs in one basket"?
  • Are you a do-it-yourself investor or do you prefer to work with a financial advisor?

Take time to answer these questions and then begin the process of developing your personal investment plan. It can be very rewarding watching your hard-earned dollars grow over time so that you can achieve the financial success you desire.

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  1. Reasons to Invest
  2. Types of Investments: Cash
  3. Types of Investments: Bonds
  4. Types of Investments: Stocks
  5. Diversification and Mutual Funds
  6. Asset Allocation

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