Introduction to Exchange-Traded Funds

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Part stock, part mutual fund, and more popular than ever, exchange-traded funds are now a big part of the investment landscape. Let's take an introductory look at them in this course.

What you will learn

  • What Are Exchange-Traded Funds?
  • How Do Exchange-Traded Funds Work?
  • The Pros of Exchange-Traded Funds
  • The Cons of Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Are Exchange-Traded Funds for You?

What do you know?

Introduction to Exchange-Traded Funds

They’re part mutual fund. They’re part stock. And their numbers seem to keep growing and growing.

"They" are exchange-traded funds (ETFs). They’ve been around for years, but as giant asset managers, such as BlackRock (iShares) and Vanguard, roll out scores of new offerings, ETFs have become a viable option for today’s investor.

In this course, we’ll discuss how ETFs differ from regular mutual funds, what their advantages and disadvantages are, and how to determine whether they might be appropriate for you.