Introduction to How to Invest for Intermediate-Term Goals

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Some investments are considered more appropriate for intermediate-term goals than others. Here are several to consider.

What you will learn

  • Start with the Right Mix for Your Intermediate-Term Goals
  • Which Investments to Choose for Your Intermediate-Term Goals
  • What about Balanced Funds for Your Intermediate-Term Goals?

What do you know?

Introduction to How to Invest for Intermediate-Term Goals

Perhaps your daughter will leave for college in six years and you’re only beginning to invest for the big event now. Or your know you’ll need a new Jaguar in seven years to help cope with that mid-life crisis that’s likely to strike. Or you’re serving a prison sentence with eight years remaining and you want to have enough dough to start your life anew.

Despite the very different goals outlined here, each scenario shares a common theme: Each involves intermediate-term investing.

This course will cover how to invest for a goal that’s five to 10 years away.