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Corporate Quarterly and Other Financial Reports

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Corporate Quarterly and Other Financial Reports

Besides the annual report, companies provide several other financial reports, such as quarterly reports, 10K reports, and statistical supplements.

Quarterly reports

Quarterly reports are very similar to the annual reports except that they are issued every three months and are less comprehensive. They may be obtained in the same way as annual reports—contact the company or go online.

10K reports

Large firms issue 10K reports. 10K reports include more detailed information than annual reports. A 10K report provides detailed information about divisions and subdivisions of a company. These reports are sent to stockholders only by request. One should contact the company’s corporate secretary to receive a 10K. All 10K filings are available on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database at

Statistical supplements

Statistical supplements are reports of large corporations as well. They provide financial information, such as statement data and key ratios, which can be dated back ten to twenty years. These reports are also posted on the EDGAR database.