Making the Most of a Company Website and Expert Opinions

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Making the Most of a Company Website and Expert Opinions

Another source of information is the company itself. Just plug the name of the company you want to research into the search engine of your choice. You should find the company Website near the top of your results.

Things To Know

  • Check the investor section of a company’s Website.
  • Set up a watch list and keep tabs on company news and stock prices.

The investor section of a company’s Website can offer a variety of information. Copies of the public filings are usually available in more flexible, downloadable formats—such as PDF, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word. Also, you can sort through the firm’s press releases and examine the latest investor presentations (typically in PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint formats).

It’s definitely worth a visit to the company Website. It doesn’t take long, and reading the press releases will give you some of the most up-to-date information available. Also, it may be useful to see how a company does business on the Web.

Setting up a watch list

After you’ve researched your first batch of companies (read the public filings and visited company Websites), it’s time to set up a watch list.

By creating a watch list, you’ll be able to keep tabs on company news and easily find stock price information. Among other things, you can set alerts to notify you when a stock price has met or exceeded a particular threshold. Thus, your watch list will eventually become an integral tool in helping you make buy and sell decisions, stay organized, and keep informed.

Seeking out expert opinions

After you’ve become a bit of an expert yourself by sifting through the information we’ve already discussed, you may want to read what other analysts and investors have to say about a particular company. While your investing decisions are yours to make, you might be able to gain a new insight or angle by reading others’ research.