Summary of Types of Stock

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Summary of Types of Stock

Doing research before investing is important to a successful portfolio. It is wise to know the investment objectives of different types of stock.

When searching financial literature about different companies, it is important to know how investors and advisors have classified their stock so you can make an informed investment decision. Different types of stock play different roles in meeting investment objectives.

Practical Ideas I Can Start with Today

  • Research stocks that fit my investment goals and risk tolerance. Use this calculator.
  • Identify growth stocks or income stocks that are attractive buys, based on their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Meet with a broker, set up an online brokerage account, or contact a company to begin buying stocks.

What you have learned

  1. Blue Chip Stocks
  2. Growth Stocks
  3. Income Stocks
  4. Industry-Type Stock
  5. Value Stocks

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