Summary of Buying and Selling Stock

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Summary of Buying and Selling Stock

More than ever before, individuals are taking an active role in making investment decisions. For some this also involves actively managing their own portfolios. In order to buy and sell securities for your portfolio, you will need a relationship with a licensed securities broker.

Brokers provide a variety of investment products and services. Depending upon your level of expertise and time you wish to invest, you can find a brokerage firm that provides just the level of products and services to suit your goals.

You can even do your investing online. Most major brokerage firms have online services. And there are myriad firms that do nothing but online trading. However, caveat emptor—buyer beware. You get what you pay for and pay for only what you need. Before embarking on stock trading, be sure you know what your goals are, have the resources, and know what you are doing.

Practical Ideas I Can Start with Today

  • Research stocks that fit my investment goals and risk tolerance. Use this calculator to begin thinking about how to allocate assets.
  • Meet with a broker, set up an online brokerage account, or contact a company directly to begin buying stocks.

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