Who Publishes Information on Companies?

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Who Publishes Information on Companies?

The first place to start is the company itself. If you wish to receive an annual stockholder report but you don’t own company shares, you can call the corporation directly and ask to receive one.

Things To Know

  • Company information is also published by brokerages, financial service companies, and business periodicals.

Sources outside the company itself

Brokerages and financial service companies such as investment firms are another readily available source of company information. Most brokerages provide company earnings reports for their investors. Some also allow investors access to company reports published by Standard & Poor’s and the Thomson Corporation.

You may also wish to subscribe to services that offer reports on a regular basis. Two of the most common services are Corporation Records and Stock Reports.

Finally, business periodicals provide many financial news articles on specific companies. Many of these periodicals are now available over the Internet.