Introduction to Investment Goals

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Determining investment goals is step one in personal finance. Start your investing success by figuring out what you want to invest for.

What you will learn

  • Factors to Consider When Setting Your Investment Goals
  • Investment Goals Need to Be Clear
  • Investing for Current Income
  • Investing for Growth
  • Allocating Assets for Short, Intermediate, and Long-Term Goals
  • Working with Financial Advisors

What do you know?

Introduction to Investment Goals

How much money do you have? When do you want to retire? How much risk can you take? Are you in debt? If so, by how much? Although these questions may not be much fun to think about, you must answer them truthfully if you are to set your investment goals. Determining investment goals is an important part of getting what you want in life. Without adequate financial resources, you may inevitably short-change yourself and those who are important to you.

The process of setting realistic financial goals will help you get a better handle on your personal finances and investments. It will also help you to pick investments that are suitable for you.