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Introduction to Sources of Investment Information

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The more information you have about finances and your investments, the more likely you are to be a successful investor. This tutorial discusses the resources you can use to find everything from price quotes to investment advice. It covers books, books, company sources, business news, the Internet, and investor associations.

What you will learn

  • Books on Investing
  • Sources of Information about a Company
  • Business News Media
  • Online Sources of Investment Information
  • Investor Association Sources of Information

What do you know?

Introduction to Sources of Investment Information

They say that information is power, and in investing, information is money. Your ability to maximize gains and minimize losses will likely depend on your knowledge of the assets you invest in and the markets that affect their values. Fortunately, there are lots of sources for information on investing in general and for researching particular investments.

It is said that we live in the "information age," and so does information abound that helps us make wise investment decisions. However, one needs to know how to sort through all that information down to the stuff that really makes a difference. Some sources of information are historical—they tell you about the big picture. Some sources are anecdotal—they tell you how someone else did it. Others are analytic, giving you the raw information you need to figure it out for yourself—before someone else beats you to it.

Choose your sources of information based upon the kinds of information you need in order to become a more savvy investor.