Introduction to US Savings Bonds

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Learn more about savings bonds -- those simple investments that have long been a staple among Americans.

What you will learn

  • What Are Savings Bonds?
  • What Types of US Savings Bonds Are Available?
  • How Much Money Do Savings Bonds Earn?
  • How Do You Redeem Savings Bonds?
  • What Taxes Apply to Earnings from Savings Bonds?
  • Where Can You Buy Savings Bonds?

What do you know?

Introduction to US Savings Bonds

Remember when you were growing up and a favorite aunt regularly gave you a savings bond for your college education? Or maybe you received a savings bond as a school prize for winning a debate or an essay contest. Savings bonds were considered a good investment a few years back. They still are, especially for those whose time horizon or risk tolerance leads them to shun the stock market.