Introduction to Asset Allocation Mutual Funds

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Find out how mutual funds can accomplish an investor's goal of having a diverse portfolio of investments.

What you will learn

  • Benefits of Mutual Funds in Asset Allocation
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Single-Fund and Multifund Asset Allocation Models
  • Single-Fund and Multifund Allocation Considerations
  • Mutual Fund Objectives in Asset Allocation

What do you know?

Introduction to Asset Allocation Mutual Funds

Let’s say you have studied some of the benefits of mutual funds and asset allocation modeling, and would like to implement an asset allocation strategy using mutual funds. But with so many funds from which to choose, which funds should you use? Additionally, it may be difficult to meet the investment minimums required to design an asset allocation using several funds. Then there are the issues of time and experience, both of which are necessary to properly design an asset allocation strategy. If this sounds familiar, asset allocation mutual funds may be the solution.

Different asset allocation mutual funds apply various asset allocation strategies to their portfolios. If you have a preference for one strategy or another, you can probably find an asset allocation fund that caters to your investment philosophy.