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Summary of Analyzing Investments

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Summary of Analyzing Investments

Investment analysis is an important tool to help identify trends in the future behavior of securities. You can use it to evaluate your own stocks and to determine when to consider buying or selling. Investing in securities is a major purchase and should be treated as such. Taking the time to do your research upfront can mean a world of difference later. As an educated investor, you need the basics of security analysis and to know how it can be used to help make your investments successful ones.

Practical Ideas I Can Start with Today

  • Select some companies I am interested in, and read their dividend, price/earnings, and other information in the financial pages or online.
  • Choose a few companies that are attractive to me. Find their annual reports on their Websites, and read the financial statements (balance sheets and cash flow statements, etc.) in them.
  • Choose a few companies that are attractive to me. Find their stock information on their Websites, and read through the various charts presented.

What you have learned

  1. How Securities Are Analyzed
  2. What Is Fundamental Analysis?
  3. Is This Company Worth Investing In? Looking at Company Value
  4. Fundamental Analysis of Corporate Data
  5. What Is Technical Analysis?
  6. Technical Analysis Looks for Trends in the Market
  7. How Is Technical Analysis Used for Picking Stocks?

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