Introduction to When to Sell a Fund

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Many of us find it hard to know when we should sell a fund. But some circumstances demand that we sell. Here we look at several of them.

What you will learn

  • When to Sell: Your Fund Gains or Loses More Than It Should
  • When to Sell: Your Fund Changes Its Strategy or Underperforms for a Long Period
  • When to Sell: Your Goals Change or You Just Can't Take It Anymore

What do you know?

Introduction to When to Sell a Fund

While most of us can agree on what to look for when buying a fund—good risk-adjusted returns, long manager tenure, etc.—we often part ways on when to sell. Just check out some of the long and lively debates raging on investor conversation boards.

None of us wants to be one of those investors who undermine their returns by buying and selling at the wrong times. Yet some situations almost demand that we hit the Sell button.